I hate that I’m a night owl and my husband can fall asleep so fast. My husband and I sleep so differently it makes me feel so bad because I’m so active at night while I sleep and he likes it so silent and calm. Here’s an example, I like to have a TV or in our case for now my kindle to play Nextflix in the back round while I try to sleep. I don’t know why I always like the background noise. Even when I study or do homework or whatever. I can’t just lay there or sit there doing something with out some constant noise. I don’t like obnoxious noises, but just something stable so its not just awkward silence. My husband likes complete silence when he sleeps, well it’s easier for him to sleep with out the detractions, because either its too loud or he winds up getting into the show or movie that I randomly put on. Also makes me feel bad because he is the one that has to get up at 4am everyday for work. On some days we do make it work, fall asleep together but on some nights I just feel like sleeping in the cough so I don’t try to keep him up with my crazy energy at night like I do now.